The chicken or the egg?

Regardless of which came first, springtime and Easter are a time of rebirth, where nature comes alive again after laying dormant. Eggs, whether real, imitation or chocolate (yum), are symbols of birth or rebirth and are present in decos, activities and gifts. For decos and tablescapes, a bowl of simple eggs is always a good idea. Keeping the colours muted and simple makes for a more classic look and vibrant, coloured and patterned eggs make for a more playful display.

Here, I’ve opted for imitation eggs (with little speckles on them to make them look like robins eggs rather than chicken ones), in muted pastels- in cold colours only (no pinks or oranges). Placed in an old wooden bowl, it becomes a simple but pretty addition to a decoration just as it is a pretty and very simple stand alone deco.


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  1. Diane Gattermann says:

    That looks very pretty. Where did you find the eggs?


    1. Valerie N. says:

      Thank you. The craft store Michaels last year.


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