The chicken or the egg?

Regardless of which came first, springtime and Easter are a time of rebirth, where nature comes alive again after laying dormant. Eggs, whether real, imitation or chocolate (yum), are symbols of birth or rebirth and are present in decos, activities and gifts. For decos and tablescapes, a bowl of simple eggs is always a good…

Number twelve

The number of hours on a clock, months in a year, days of Christmas? Twelve is described as a “highly superior composite number” and the largest quantity that can be spoken in the English language in one syllable. It is usually the number of jurors on a jury. A source stated that 12 is a…

Puppy love

Whether it’s puppy love, or a long lasting mature love…. On this Valentine’s Day, I hope you’re feeling it! Happy Valentine’s Day πŸ™‚

Just when you don’t expect it…

Sometimes on the greyest winter day… when the snow has become slushy and brown, as you travel along the highway, you catch a glimpse of something beautiful. I love it when that happens πŸ™‚

Peekaboo flower :)

Little did we know… a small white flower was lurking in the bushes πŸ™‚