I have always liked making things. One of the first few things I remember making were houses made out of kleenex boxes, “capets” made out of metallic paper from mini chocolate Easter eggs (which I would smooth out and “laminate” with scotch tape), bottle caps covered in papier mâché to turn them into baskets, which I’d fill with uber mini paper mache fruit (made with cotton swabs because these were more malleable than paper). Later, I had a hat phase, making many bird hats for some reason (one with a fablic softner bottle as a base, which worked out quite well actually)…

Later, with my sister, came endless rearrangement of the odds and ends furniture we had in our garden shed “play house” as well as my bedroom and later still came lots and lots of drawing and eventually art school and further studies. I studied contemporary art but never woodworking, furniture refinishing, sewing or needle crafts. Much of what I make is done by trial and error, asking questions, reading up and experimenting.

Now, my urge to create (and rescue objects from becoming landfill!!!) still is alive and well as I find pieces to decorate my house on a budget. I have always found it stimulating to see what others are up to (in the art or diy world) and so, it’s now my turn to share.