Not one but two!

Travelling down the weekend road trip road… day dreaming and cat napping intermittently… not one but two old beetle cars grabbed my attention. Felt like a special moment, a rarity. Was I supposed to make a wish?

Variations on a theme

If you don’t have many flowers, if you want to spend less on plants (even if they are inexpensive, they do add up), a smaller arrangement in a simple basket (second hand wicker basket here) looks just as pretty. Used as a centre piece on a table or as shown in my last post on…

Crisp cold air

It seems to me that the crispness of cold air translates visually, if that makes any sense. It’s like things, especially on a cold sunny winter day, looks sharp, super clear, so much more vibrant. It’s just not all that comfortable to hang out in…..

Summertime stripy straws

At the end of a sunny afternoon, a bit tired, stripy straws just made out refreshments even more refreshing 🙂


On a beautiful sunny afternoon stroll, we all reflected….. even the buildings 🙂