Look up :)

Always look up. If you don’t, you may be missing out! 🙂

Not one but two!

Travelling down the weekend road trip road… day dreaming and cat napping intermittently… not one but two old beetle cars grabbed my attention. Felt like a special moment, a rarity. Was I supposed to make a wish?

Crisp cold air

It seems to me that the crispness of cold air translates visually, if that makes any sense. It’s like things, especially on a cold sunny winter day, looks sharp, super clear, so much more vibrant. It’s just not all that comfortable to hang out in…..

Just when you don’t expect it…

Sometimes on the greyest winter day… when the snow has become slushy and brown, as you travel along the highway, you catch a glimpse of something beautiful. I love it when that happens 🙂

A little bit of everything….

Leaves and moss with a good helping of ice and a dusting of snow…. crazy weather for winter but sure makes for an abundance of prettiness 🙂

Saddle up!

Grab yourself a partner (even if it’s a chicken in a side car), saddle up and ride into a great new year with joy and confidence! How do you want to make your entrance, how will you go through this new year? Many different people have many different rituals…. jumping off a chair into the…

On the fence…

It always makes an impression on me when I find shoes in a public place, with no sign of their owner. What does it mean? I once heard that shoes or slippers left by a tree was a marker of a sacred place (if I remember correctly), but what about all other public places? Does…

The winds of change

I love wind, however loopy that may sound… I love to feel wind, especially when it’s hot or warm, to smell wind, especially from the forest or the sea. I love to see wind when it pushes against things gently and I love to see what the wind picks up and brings about…

Smoke and mirrors or clouds and glass?

Large reflections play with our notions of physical space, kinda like magic does… things are no longer where you’d expect them to be. The effect can be surprising, poetic or strange 🙂

Into the clouds

At the end of a lovely afternoon excursion, I set my eyes upon this sight. The dreaminess, calm and beauty of it demanded attention and I was happy to dedicate all of mine to it 🙂

Space and lots of it.

Whether in the middle of nowhere or smack in the middle of a town. Whether in the dry heat of the desert or humidity by the sea… open spaces and warm light create beautiful visuals and an atmosphere of quiet serenity.