Yet more bits and pieces

Another collage, more found pieces of paper. Whether it be wood, fabric, paper or furniture, I love assembling unused items to create something, adding pencil or paint stokes and shading to unify 🙂 Visit Galerie Le HangArt online or in person in Montreal to find some of my work 🙂

More bits and pieces

Layers are always wonderful in my opinion. They give you the option of keeping cool or warm when it applies to your clothing… and it makes things visually interesting. Written text from old books, papers of varying transparencies as well as layers of colour play against each other, especially against a colour background.

Bits and pieces

Just like discarded objects and furniture, I love to use found pieces of paper. Built into a collage, paper that previously had another purpose, torn in random ways, displaying writing, numbers or letters creates a nice juxtaposition with soft colours and hand drawn lines.