Organization, organization….

One day as I was perusing the aisles of my favourite second hand shop, I came across the two beauties below. The price was great and so even though I wasn’t quite sure how I’d use them (Play items? Storage and organization?) I purchased them.

After debating a while, I decided I’d use them to store our winter hats, scarves and mittens in the summer, freeing up space for summer items (and vise versa in winter).

I loved the look of the exterior so I didn’t modify it, except to give them a little clean. For the interior however… Although it was original to the suitcase and in good condition, I felt that it needed to be fresher and cleaner. I decided to remove the fabric as you see it below, ripping it out carefully.

Next, I decided on using one of my favourites to cover the interior. At the risk of being a little chiché, I chose to use maps, which would offer a nice contrasting colour while being very inexpensive. I measured out pieces, cut them and applied mod podge to the suitcase interior, one section at a time. I then applied the paper, smoothing it out over the “modpodged” surface carefully.

After letting the new lining dry, I applied several layers of modpodge to the top surface, to protect it. The finish is now glossy (different from the raw paper) but it can be wiped clean with a damp rag should it need it.

When it came to the edges of the paper, it was hard to make a perfect straight cut and so I decided to add a ribbon trim to finish it off.

At the fabric store there wasn’t much choice in terms of colour so I opted for white. I used modpodge once again, only on the side that would be glued to the suitcase this time. Sometimes I needed to hold the ribbon in place a few seconds, so it would hold (using clips would have also been useful). It held in place nicely, once dry and did not go yellow (some glues will turn yellow).

Originally, I had ordered another thicker cotton braid online but was told the order was cancelled due to distribution problems. At this time, it arrived however. I thought I’d use it for something else but after letting the other ribbon dry properly, it was rather translucent which I didn’t like. I therefore decided to use the newly arrived thicker braid. My plan was to remove the first ribbon to then apply the other but since the first one was quite firmly fixed into place, I decided to add the second one on top, centered over the first one. This I felt, provided a much nicer finishing to the edges.

And now, I’ve placed all of our wooly hats in the suitcase (after letting it dry thoroughly) 🙂

The baskets I previously installed inside the entrance closet doors now can be used to store summer hats 🙂

And the upper shelf looks so much neater!

Now, for the second suitcase….


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  1. Louise says:

    Et bien, c’est fait! Vous avez nommė la source des productions que vous faites. LE VILLAGE DES VALEURS!!!! C’est très joli et utile ce que vous avez fait avec ces valises.

    Nous avions des valises pareilles à la maison durant mon enfance mais le tissus soyeux de l’intérieur n’êtait pas rose. Je me souviens d’avoir tellement aimé le format de ces valises. J’aimais entendre le clic quand j’ouvrais et refermais la valise. Plusieurs fois de suite et ça fonctionnait à chaque fois. J’aimais toucher à ce tissus soyeux. J’aimais la poignée de cuir.

    Ces valises que vous avez achetées étaient en excellente condition! Vous avez su le reconnaître et leur donner un place de choix dans votre vie. Elles vont marquer les saisons et placées dans votre garde-robe d’entrée, elle pourront vous faire sourire et piquer la curiosité des personnes qui iront vous visiter!!!!



    1. Valerie N. says:

      Merci pour vos beaux commentaires 🙂
      Moi aussi j’aime bien le son et oui, le village des valeurs est une de mes sources 🙂


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