Each piece of the puzzle

I remember making a woodcut print block design in this manner a long time ago, as if flattening all items in my view, making shapes out of the spaces where an object would overlaps another. I loved it. As I think of it, it reminds me of exercises we had at school where we had to categorize items and where there used to be a space where one circle would overlap the other for items that fit more than one category.

Is it because I’ve often felt I belonged in those gaps or is it the idea that we all are interconnected- objects and people- that has always made me enjoy these. I like the spaces between things and how when we highlight these, our eyes can go in and out of focusing on the figurative or just the abstract shapes, which assembled, make up the whole.

Regardless of the reason, I love the to juxtapose colours and shapes which we sometimes recognize, sometimes not. As I love graphic work, illustration, decoration and design, these are a pleasure for me to make.


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