Bouquet, deconstructed :)

I’ve always enjoyed flowers, branches and weeds (unless they’re taking over my yard….). I love making arrangements with grocery store flowers and greenery or with wild “pick your own” ones. Although a floral arrangement is a lovely treat, I never indulge. So when I was recently given a bouquet, I thoroughly enjoyed it as it was fresh and happy looking.

After about a week however, when a few flowers started loosing their freshness, my arrangement wasn’t looking quite so happy anymore…. tired looking flowers, even when the majority of the others still look great, can really take away from a bouquet’s overall prettiness. So, out of respect for the flowers that remained in good shape, so I could stretch their life and my enjoyment, I made new, smaller arrangements (which is what I almost always do).

As you can see below, I used bud vases and made groupings with mismatched bottles as well.

My reinvented bouquet, which I’m still enjoying three weeks after receiving the initial arrangement is quite different from the original, the look being much less formal, rather eclectic or bohemian and much more delicate.


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  1. Diane Gattermann says:

    It’s a nice idea to split up the flowers into smaller bunches. It looks very fresh and sweet.


    1. Valerie N. says:

      Thank you Diane!


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