Under the radar

I am always attracted to and struck by the beauty of object with great patina, markings of time and people passed by. Perhaps it’s the patina itself I love so much and not even the object- is that possible? (I’m convinced that certain things I own, I do so BECAUSE they’re old and worn and not so much for the object itself which sometimes is quite ordinary).

Whatever it is, I always find wear and tear to be beautiful and somehow poetic. The image above is an example, which I found at the back of a second hand dresser. “Flying under the radar”, I believe IT is was the show stopper, more beautiful than the dresser it was attached to.

I have often wished to buy only the back of pieces of furniture but no one is ever willing to sell only the back… sigh…


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  1. Diane Gattermann says:

    It is lovely and very interesting. You should collect photos of these “behind the scenes” discoveries.


    1. Valerie N. says:

      Thank you and nice idea…. not the beauty within but behind 🙂


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