Comme sur des roulettes :)

“Just like on rollers” is the expression šŸ™‚ which is the equivalent of saying that something “goes swimmingly” or “without a hitch”… Kinda like I’d like my tidying and house cleaning to go šŸ™‚ always.

Like many I think, I’ve been “Konmari” ing my house lately. I’d heard about Mari Kondo from various friends a few years ago but have only just read her book after taking a look at her show not too long ago (btw, although my sister does not make a living from organizing and tidying, I now know that she IS the Canadian equivalent of Mari Kondo. I, however, did not inherit those genes).

So, here is a little project that came about as I tidied my linen closet. As it is next to the bathroom (and my bathroom storage is quite limited), I keep cleaning products at the bottom of the closet. As I love to use old items for their charm but also so that I can recycle and reuse things (gotta think of the planet), I decided to use this old 7up crate (I like the design for its boldness and single colour). I don’t think it’s the most efficient container I could use, as it is bulky, and to maximize the space inside, the dividers should be removed, but I want to keep it intact, even at the risk or loosing a bit of space. Below is the crate as I got it (I bought it at a garage sale).

To make using it easier (it is a little heavy, especially when full of bottles), I decided to use casters (I LOVE casters) (if I followed my heart, everything in my home would be on casters).

Adding these easy to find casters, was very simple. I chose a spot where the wood was thick so the screw would have something to “hold on” to. Even though the screws were small, I pre-drilled a small hole first (so the wood wouldn’t split) and then screwed them in. I would have liked to place them further in from the edge but would only have the thin bottom plank to screw into had I done that.

Below, you can see the finished product with casters šŸ™‚ so now, I just have to open my linen closet door and pull out my cleaning caddy in order to access all the products I need for the bathroom. Super simple project and makes it enjoyable to clean (I’m being honest). šŸ™‚

I would like to add however, that if I wasn’t careful to always wipe my bottles clean when I’m done using them, I’d have varnished the inside of the crate so no products could be absorbed by the wood, should any spill.


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