Making vignettes

Holiday decorations don’t have to be expensive or ready bought. I often come across items found in nature or from second hand shops which I love to put together and decorate with. Over the past few months, I collected the following (despite being unsure about how I would use them).

I’m always careful with how much I collect, as it would be easy to stockpile too many things. Often however, I do buy or gather what “speaks to me”, what my gut tells me to (the plan comes later, strangely). “Building” vignettes this way, can make for charming, personalized and economical- not to mention ecological (if you’re reusing things), decorations.

First, there were mini pinecones and acorns, found outside (which provide such a nice which winter holidays vibe).

Then two small trees from the second hand shop.

A wooden toy from the second hand shop (wooden toys are always charming).

A small wooden sign from second hand shop (if you find any in the language that follows your cultural heritage, it adds interest).

Lastly, i found a small “greenhouse”- you can also use a plexiglass or glass box or base with a dome- perfect for displaying things. Although I prefer to buy second hand, sometimes I’m willing to buy new (like in this case) so that I can display my second hand items.

The next step was to assemble the collection. I’d say that it’s important to choose items that coordinate because of their colours and scale. And now, here’s my one of a kind seasonal vignette.


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Barb Young says:

    you are so creative Val. Love how this one came together!


    1. Valerie N. says:

      Thanks Barb! 🙂


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