A few little branches go a long way…

Although small… my branch harvest from the other day left me with plenty to work with. So with a nice little pile of branches, I made another wreath which, paired with a recent find from the second hand shop, would serve as a lovely holiday table center.

When it came to the recent find from the second hand shop, I needed to reach for my white paint once again. My new treasure (a candle holder shaped like a house) being shiny, fire engine red with a roof covered in stickers, would need a more classic look as it looked too much like a toy for my taste (cute but not what I was going for). In my haste, or should I say carried away by passion once again, I forgot to take a shot of the before… I just couldn’t wait to see the result, so I quickly peeled away the stickers, cleaned the glue off and grabbed my can of matte white Rustoleum spray paint. Again, I painted several thin coats, after making sure the surface was clean, dry and dust free.

I just happened to have a tree slice (which serves as a trivet) so I used it as a base and proceeded to assemble the pieces.

As there are windows on all sides of the house, the piece serves nicely as a table centre, although sitting on an entry or hallway table would be just as lovely.

4 Comments Add yours

  1. Barb Young says:

    well done Val! cute little house but the greenery is what makes it.


  2. Diane says:

    Looks amazing! So Christmas-y and classic!


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