All within the framework :)

Driving toward home (yes, again), I found this empty frame by the roadside. It was painted in a glossy white paint that had yellowed and was looking quite sad…

IMG_1229 copy

Although it was already the colour I wanted, I didn’t like the gloss or the drab “white”…. the paint would have to come off (it looked like it was covered with oil paint as many old pieces are. If not removed, the paint would need some sanding and primer so water the based pain I use would stick)!

This time I used Paint stripper since there were intricacies on the wood, but since I wanted to have a distressed finish, I wasn’t too fussy with how complete the job was.

IMG_1230 copy

I then painted the frame with white paint and roughed it up a little with some sand paper and rather than looking for a mirror to place inside (which would have been more expensive), I bought a piece of light pressed wood which I painted many coats of black chalkboard paint (in a spray can, so many many light coats). I needed to fiddle a little to cut it to the right size but here it is below. I am quite happy with the finished product.

IMG_5948 2 copy

Or of course, for a seasonal wreath decoration…

IMG_1517 copy


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Loulou says:

    Good job!


  2. Barb Young says:

    awesome what you do Valerie! You are sooo creative!


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