When the time came for a big girl bed for my daughter, I was rather excited. A “new” bed of course, means new possibilities….. for decorating, recycling and refinishing! (What’s not to be excited about??)

After a bit of hunting, this is the bed I found on an on-line garage sale. My plan was to refinish it but I was unsure of the colour to choose… mint blue or green, yellow or even dark blue would be pretty, playful and fun but white would be classic and neutral… In the end I chose white as it would probably last longer and mix more easily with different colour schemes, should we wish to change them (bedding and accessories).

I sanded the finish just enough to scratch it up thoroughly. I made sure to clean the dust off well.

I painted one coat of primer….

then two coats of pure white and two coats of varnish.

I used a good quality bristle brush (which I highly recommend as it will be less likely to lose hairs and also provide a nicer finish with less brush strokes), but a foam brush and roller could also have been used. It was a little bit tricky to paint the posts without making stroke marks but using a smaller softer brush and with a bit of light sanding between coats, I was happy with the results.

Below, is the finished product, ready for my little one to go to Bedfordshire 🙂


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