Sitting pretty :)


On the drive home not long ago… my eyes (naturally) wandered to a pile of garbage someone had set out by the curb. This chair, for it’s cute yet slightly odd lines and proportions caught my eye. On closer inspection, it seemed sturdy so into the car it jumped… 🙂

I already had some chalk paint in a very sweet colour and so I set off to paint it as I wanted a chair to put on the porch by the front door (to warm up the front that looks a little cold with it’s grey bricks).

I wanted a chair that could be abused, that I could leave out in the sun and rain and so I didn’t want to spend hours making the finish perfect. I slapped on the chalk paint (that sticks well to just about anything it seems), having only flicked off any peeling bits of paint with a brush. I painted two coats, with one coat of varnish to protect it all and here it is!



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  1. Rosalba says:



    1. Valerie N. says:

      Thank you Rosalba 🙂


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