Save your patio furniture !


When you live in a cold climate, people get especially excited when the nice weather comes back. There are always a few hard core runners out there, bareback or in shorts even if it’s a only a few degrees out, their bare skin reddened by the cold air… people whip out their sandals and sun dresses, at the first day that promises not to snow or so it seems… for me, warming weather gets me thinking of patio furniture 🙂 But this year, when I pulled mine out… well it was dusty, dry and weathered- in no way agreeable to the touch…

So, out to the hardware store I ran, to buy some semi transparent stain in the hopes of reviving my furniture (and giving it a better protection and a longer life). Starting with two little foot stools, I was rather taken aback at how dramatic the change was, making the pieces look almost like new (I didn’t even sand them!) Below, you’ll find the finished product.


Below… the before and after for easy comparison. Now, on to the dining set!



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