Mirror mirror on the wall…


Ok, so they won’t tell you if you’re the fairest…. or who the fairest actually is… but mirrors are a nice way to decorate. Finding ones you like is usually easier and cheaper (when you buy second hand) than buying art for instance, I have found.

Sometimes you need to be a bit patient before finding a group of them, when you find classic shapes and neutral finishes, you’ll get a nice mix. The three similar sizes with one larger one, created a nice balance as well.

None of these were placed with the intention of allowing one to check their teeth when walking by (most people have to lean it to admire themselves) rather, they were placed according to the wall space (to fill it nicely) and the table sitting below. But to make it easier to figure out how it is that I liked them and ensure I didn’t make holes all over my walls if I made a mistake, I traced the mirrors on Kraft paper and put these up on the wall, to see whether I liked the arrangement, as you can see in the photo below.


In finishing… here was the space before anything was put up, rather bare… so you can see the difference 🙂



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  1. Selina says:

    Nice tutorial! 👍


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