Integrating metallics.

Metallics are great to incorporate in a room. They add an element of interest, pairing well with other colours. I found this little table at a thrift shop for six or seven dollars and loved it’s delicate yet simple shape (round top and tapered legs). It folds up, making it practical and easy to store.

When I found it, it was a dull rosy coloured bare wood, adorned with circular water stains. It’s panels looked like they would soon fall off. All it took was a little tightening of the screws holding the hinges in place and a nice paint job.

Carried away by excitement (couldn’t wait to see what it would look like), after a very quick and light sanding job, I dusted it off and grabbed a can of Krylon paint, giving the table several thin layers (to keep the paint from gathering and or running), without even priming it. At the very worst I thought, the paint would stick (as the wood was bare) but could soak in unevenly. I did not 🙂 so I then applied a clear spray varnish to the top, so that the paint would survive better. This seemed to dull the paint a bit. Perhaps I should have tried a glossy finish- I may still experiment with this…

In the meantime, I’ve been enjoying my little gold table thoroughly and the paint is still holding up nicely. Great table to move around to wherever it is needed!

IMG_1009 3


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