In the end… it all just worked out :)

With my new plan in mind, I began sanding each chair to the bare wood. It was a little tedious… but I did it! Then, I diluted the same paint I used for the table, equal parts of paint and water. I painted each chair, being mindful to apply the same thickness (whatever looked good, which to me, was a whitewash I could see through  quite well). I waited at least overnight and then, sanded off much of it. I was not sure how much to sand off (especially since once protected with mat varnish, the wood colour would probably stand out more). I really liked the look of the bare wood with the worn off whitewash, but was afraid of how the wood would absorb oils from people’s skin when touching the chairs and would easily soak in any liquid that could be spilled onto them if they were not protected with a varnish or wax (wax would have provided a finish I’d like, but since it needs to be reapplied every so often, I decided not to venture….).IMG_4648

I experimented with one chair, varnished it and then, liking the finish product, tried to reproduce the finish as best I could, five times more. Ideally, whitewashing each chair and then sanding each chair so that I could compare the finish would have been best, but the lack of space in my “workshop garage” dictated the procedure.

And now, I am quite satisfied (finally) with the end product πŸ™‚IMG_7924


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  1. Selina says:

    LOve the beautiful details! Bravo!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Valerie N. says:

      Thank you πŸ™‚


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