Choosing a finish to suit the wood

Once sanded… I decided to whitewash my table as I felt it would give is a casual look with a bit of texture. I chose white as I wanted a neutral colour which would lighten my space, modernize my table while creating a cohesive and calm look to my home (without looking cluttered by mismatched pieces). I chose to dilute my white paint with water, at equal amounts. I covered the table and eagerly waited for it to dry…..

As you can see on the picture, the wood colouring came through the whitewash and actually made the finish look dirty grey. This was definitely not what I was going for and so I decided to paint it a solid white (which would probably make it look more formal or modern but is a nice and clean look). Had I known that I would be painting the table a solid colour earlier, I would not have needed to sand off all the finish (scratching a surface thoroughly is sufficient for paint to stick), but oh well…. trial and error! I painted the table three coats of white and then three coats of mat varnish on top, for durability.


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  1. Ellyse says:

    Is this your first post? It’s awesome, congrats!


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