Recycled Diningroom set

When we moved into our house, our little round kitchen table wasn’t quite cutting it… so this is the table I inherited, passed down from a family member. I loved it for it’s shape, with it’s simple curves. What I did not like however, was the traditional vibe stemming from the colour and finish, which I felt made that area of the house dark despite the light pouring in from the nearby patio doors.

I therefore set off to refinish it, in a crisp true or Snow White, water based paint (I don’t use oil paint as I hate disposing of solvents and have a strong dislike of the fumes, smell of the paint and long drying time, despite the fact that these paints I have often heard, are more durable). And so, the sanding that would take me months (I was also caring for a newborn) began.


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  1. Davis says:

    Hi! Cool stuff!


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